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Daxeam Support

The Daxeam Support Center is dedicated to providing our partners with an exceptional level of application and technical support. Under an UXC Eclipse Maintenance and Support agreement our partners receive the following service offerings from the Support Center:

  • An unlimited number of calls.

  • 15 minute maximum incident acknowledgement for all levels of calls received via the telephone.

  • All staff are fully trained and experienced support consultants.

  • Snapshot of all support activity through a Support Incident Report.

  • ​Access to eSupport, our 24 x 7 secure, online support portal.


Australia ​1300 368 967
North America​ ​1877 232 2651
Online Support Portal​ eSupport


Service Level Agreement

During business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, dedicated support consultants are available to take your call.  Calls or emails requesting support received during non-business hours will be recorded; however investigation and resolution will be conducted during business hours.  It is mandatory that all calls go to the Support Center, where the call will be logged and tracked through UXC Eclipse’s Support Center system until completed. 

After logging a support call, UXC Eclipse will email our partner a Support Incident Number.  This allows the partner to track outstanding support issues easily, or trace back to previous support issues which may have reoccurred.  In order to assist the Partner with tracking support incidents that are outstanding or have recently been closed UXC Eclipse’s Support Center will provide a fortnightly Support Incident Report.

The following table contains UXC Eclipse’s standard Issue Severity and associated Response Times.  We request that our partners communicate the Issue Severity when reporting a support incident, as this will ensure an appropriate priority is assigned.  UXC Eclipse will use all reasonable commercial efforts to respond and resolve a reported support incident in accordance with the times below:



Incident Acknowledgement Time​

Follow Up Response Time​

Solution or Repair Response Time

Severity 1 - Time-Critical
High Impact Issues: A specific, time-critical, Daxeam function is out of aciton or malfunctioning and causing high business impact. No plausible work around​.

15 minutes​ Within 2 hour​s Within 24 business hours​

Severity 2 - Non-Time Critical
Medium Impact Issues : A specific, non-time critical, Daxeam function is out of action or malfunctioning. No workaround available.

15 minutes​ Within 8 business hours​ Within 40 business hours​

Severity 3 - Non-Time Critical
Medium Impact Issues: A specific, non-time critical, Daxeam function is out of action or malfunctioning.​ Work around available.

15 minutes​ Within 8 business hours​ Fix included with furture schedule release

Severity 4 - Low Impact Issues
Non-critical, low impact, issues with or without work around

15 minutes Within 24 business hours​ To be prioritized for future scheduled release​
Severity 5 - Other
Request for general Daxeam information regarding product, procedures, or functionality.​
​15 minutes ​Within 24 business hours ​Within 40 business hours


UXC Eclipse has consistently delivered the highest levels of support service available however this does not mean we take support or our services lightly.  On the contrary, UXC Eclipse recognises and understands the importance of offering Support Incident escalation procedures. This ensures any concerns our partners may have about the Support Center are addressed appropriately and to your satisfaction.  Please contact the following UXC Eclipse team members should you wish to escalate an existing or recently closed Support Incident:


Trevor Sugunasekera 

Ph: +61 3 9820 9200

North America                 

Ben Campbell-Barry 

Ph: +1 604 899 6092

Support Lifecycle

UXC Eclipse’s Support Lifecycle ensures that partners will always have the ability to request assistance and support, providing the customer has a current maintenance and support agreement, regardless of the version of Daxeam the customer is using.  Hotfix support is only available for the current and previous major versions.  For example, UXC Eclipse will no longer offer hotfix support for Daxeam 4 once Daxeam 2012 is released, Daxeam 2009 will still be eligible for hotfix support.  Paid hotfix support will be provided for all versions that are no longer covered under this Support Lifecycle.

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